Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SweetShop Workshop; The MC from Get Your Crochet On!: Hip Hats and Cool Caps

Remember how I said I wasn't going to do much with the shop but was going to share more of my personal crafting on the blog? Consider that promise kept, beautiful people. What you see here is a snapshot of my latest personal project--a version of The MC hat from Afya Ibomu's funky pattern book Get Your Crochet On! Hip Hats and Cool Caps. I recently was given quite a lot of fun new acrylic yarn and due to moving a lot lately, find myself low on hats.

I'll post new pics when it's finished, but for now, I have a few quick thoughts on the variations I'm including;

  • Afya Ibomu must be an *incredibly* loose crocheter because I always have to go up a hook size or two to match her gauge. The pattern calls for a 5.0 mm hook. The hook pictured is a 6.5. (BTW, I got that hook in a long-ago January sale haul, blogged about here.)
  • The pattern also calls for starting with 4 sc, joined into a ring, which is then crocheted into. That's a pretty common start for hats or any pattern crocheted in the round. However, that still leaves a small hole in the top of the hat. I guess that's not usually a problem, but I have an afro, and nothing ruins your daily cute like having afro popping through the top of your hat via a coin-sized hole. I much prefer the magic loop technique because you can close the hole, so that's what you see here. I'll draw it all the way closed when I've finished the hat.
  • Last thing for now...the stripes and color combination. The original pattern doesn't include striping instructions, so I'm just winging it by switching colors when I feel like it. I don't know how I feel about the color combo just yet though. I wanted to try something new, and had some pretty gray with a slightly pinky taupe undertone. I don't have enough for a whole hat, though, so I decided to match it with a light floral yellow. In theory it works. In person it looks...okay. We'll see what happens when the hat is finished, I guess.
I'll post more pics when this hat is finished, beautiful people. Meanwhile, hope you're all having a great day--feel free to share in the comments what *you're* working with.


  1. I have that book as well. The patterns she has created are great, but I there are a few things that are her style that I don't do, like that elastic band stuff. I made the ski hat with the long scarf and pom poms. Quite colorful. Have fun!

  2. Her elastic band technique is one of my favorites! I have a lot to thank Afya Ibomu for, was working through this pattern book that gave me the confidence to start writing my own patterns and sell them.