Monday, December 10, 2012

Esra From Asoratti; Sweetshop Interview!

Happy Monday SweetShoppers! Last Monday's interview with Adrienne from Afro-Triangle was pretty well received, so I've decided to feature another member of the SweetShop C.I.A.(C.rafter I. A.dmire) on the blog this friend and co-conspirator in all things crafty, Esra of Asoratti!

Before we get into the interview, I want to give a little bit of background on Esra. When I met her two years ago at a knitting group, she was a loom knitter, new to the city, but very interested in creating her own business. To toot my own horn a bit, I introduced her to and it has been AMAZING to see what she's accomplished through sheer creativity and drive. In two years, Esra has taught herself to design in a variety of techniques aside from her original loomwork(including extreme knitting and crochet), built a truly formidable network of crafters in the Manchester area, and created not one, but TWO impressive, recognizable online knitwear brands. To put it bluntly, Esra is AMAZING and has certainly inspired me to step up my creative game and business savvy! If you're a beginner crafter trying to make a business out of your passions and hobbies, Esra is the lady to look to for connections and advice in Manchester. 

That said, let's find out a little bit of information about the lady of the hour herself...

She's the pretty lady in white. Photo credit; Mick Cookson

Hi Esra! You've been a long time friend of SweetShop Creations, but you've recently undergone a lot of changes. Can you tell me a little bit about who you are now and who you used to be?
Hi Mel, Thank you very much for this awesome opportunity! :) 
I used to be Knitella, which was a more playful simple brand and it looked very homey, made of just acrylic yarns. It was easier to start with it.  
Now, I am Asoratti. I design and make high quality handmade accessories, where everything is made with merino wool, 100% lambswool, or a blend of premium acrylic. 
Why did you decide to make the changes?
As I grew a little bit as an entrepreneur, my perspective changed, and my goals developed, so it had to be done :)   
What kinds of yarn and what kinds of pieces do you love to create the most?
My favorite kind now is merino wool, it gives really nice results, and it feels so soft. I enjoy making baby sets, the ones with headbands and slippers. 
Sparkling Princess headband and slipper Asoratti original! Purchase this here.

I also love to make bow headbands. They are my best sellers by far. 
Another original...the Christmas Merino headband. Purchase it, and others here.

What sort of creative plans do you have for the future?
I would love to start making knitted/crocheted home accessories. That will be my next big step.  
What inspires you? What makes you want to run home and dive into a tub of yarn?
Yarn, different fashion trends, the seasons, seeing creative products--all of that inspires me. Not to mention the great sense of accomplishment I get when I finish a piece.  
Do you have any special events or promotions coming up that you want to talk about?
I haven't done any big events this year other than the brand re-launch last month, but I always do giveaways every once in a while, so keep an eye on the newsletter
and on the FB page:
So there you have it, folks! A brief but very informational interview with Asoratti. If you want more info on Esra or her brand, or if you want to purchase some of her items, check out the links below. 

You can also find Esra on Tumblr, G+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Instagram. Just search for the username  Asoratti
Thanks for the interview Esra, and happy holiday sales to you. 
Peace beautiful people! Keep your eyes on the blog for more interviews!


  1. Awesome! Love her!

  2. So do I! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I enjoyed reading this interview and I can definitely see Esra's hard work in changing her branding from her Knitella line. I think it's important to know that visions do change along the way, and that's ok. Well done, Esra!