Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Item: Estonian Earwarmer!

Hello SweetShoppers! So do you remember last week's yarn of the moment? I'm happy to say it's been turned into this:

Basically, it's a thick basketwoven headband in a neutral multicolored yarn that goes with everything.
To find out more about this item and order one for your very own, click HERE and visit the etsy shop!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yarn of the Moment: Estonian Veljesta Pöllö

So when I was in Estonia last month, I saw quite a lot of knitwear and some pretty cool yarn. Applaud my self-control, fellow crafters...I only brought back two skeins. One was for my good friend Knitella, and the other was this lovely Veljesta Pöllö. I picked them both up for about 6 Euros. 
According to the all-knowing oracle that is Google Translate, "Veljesta Pöllö" means "owl wheels"...makes sense, since there's an owl on the label(which has, unfortunately and inappropriately, gone the way of the no pics). I don't know why it's called that, but I do know this...I LOVE the colorway of this's sort of a muted neutral pallette of brown and cream and tan, with speck of blue and green. It's 75% wool and 25% acrylic but feels more like acrylic than wool so far.

The project you see on my hook is an eventual earwarmer...although it's since been frogged since I thought it'd be prettier in a basketweave stitch rather than a ribbed one. 

Is anybody using any interesting yarn lately? If so, drop me a line in the comments box and tell me what it is!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Item: Papergirl Hat! (and yes, more earrings...)

Hello SweetShoppers!

I realized the other day that although one of my original ideas for the SweetShop was to make hats...I hadn't made one in a while. So I got out the trusty K hook and some gray acrylic yarn that was just begging to be used...and came up with this...
The PaperGirl Hat! See, it's not really a newsboy cap, so why not call it a papergirl. It was either that or call it  the Baggy Gray Pseudo-Rasta Tam with Curvy Brim and Elastic. Brevity always wins. 
Also, because I just cannot stop myself, it seems, I've made even more Curly-Wurly earrings...yay! (Or should that be, ~sigh~?) 

To check out the new hat and the earrings, and order them for yourself, click HERE
Peace, y'all!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trying to think...

...of cute new names for the hat and sweater I've just finished. No pics yet, just finished product and no real idea of what these things are called.

Here's hoping I don't take the weenie route and call them, "brown sweater" and "gray hat".

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yarn of the Moment: Mystery Thrift Yarn

Not a great picture, but this is my current favorite yarn...I got it for 50p (about 75 cents) from a friend who held a massive sale to clear out her cellar full of yarn. I got two giant cones of this type of yarn(the other cone is blue flecked with brown and orange). I have no idea what brand it is or even what it's made of(probably cotton or acrylic), but it's a great sport weight yarn and VERY versatile.

Yes, that thing in the background is a half-finished sweater. Is there really any other kind?

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Item: MORE Curly-Wurly earrings!

I just can't seem to stop making these. Put a new pair up in the shop today, in a funky burnt orange the pic to check them out!!

Peace, y'all!