Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Item: Papergirl Hat! (and yes, more earrings...)

Hello SweetShoppers!

I realized the other day that although one of my original ideas for the SweetShop was to make hats...I hadn't made one in a while. So I got out the trusty K hook and some gray acrylic yarn that was just begging to be used...and came up with this...
The PaperGirl Hat! See, it's not really a newsboy cap, so why not call it a papergirl. It was either that or call it  the Baggy Gray Pseudo-Rasta Tam with Curvy Brim and Elastic. Brevity always wins. 
Also, because I just cannot stop myself, it seems, I've made even more Curly-Wurly earrings...yay! (Or should that be, ~sigh~?) 

To check out the new hat and the earrings, and order them for yourself, click HERE
Peace, y'all!

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