Friday, December 14, 2012

SweetShop Patterns: Cup Cozy(repost)

So here's a final web repost of a pattern before I start posting some fancy new patterns for the holidays. As always, you can download a nice tidy pdf version of this HERE.

Cup Cozy

25 grams worsted weight yarn
K(6.5 mm) hook
Yarn needle
Chain stitch: ch
Half-double crochet: hdc
Picot stitch: for this pattern, a picot stitch is sc, ch 3, sc in next stitch.
Row 1 : Ch 12
Row 2: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc to end(11 st)
Row 3: Turn, hdc in back loop only to end. (11 st)
Row 4-23: Repeat Rnd 3, creating ribbed pattern.
With wrong sides facing, mattress stitch ends together to form ring
Row 24: Join yarn at top of ring, sc in row ends around ring.
Row 25: Picot stitch 12 times around.
Row 26-27: Repeat 24 and 25 on bottom edge of ring.
Weave in loose yarn ends, slip around cup containing your favorite hot drink!
© 2011 Melissa Watkins/SweetShop Creations

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