Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Items! Blue Ruffled Scarf and Yellow Flowered Earwarmer!

*whew* It's the first week back at college and I am TI. RED. Too tired, in fact, to realize that "tired" doesn't look like much of anything when you try and separate out the syllables for emphasis.

Suffice it to say that it's been a long week. This patternista needs 5 more hours in the day so she can sleep. But despite that, I've managed to put some lovely(IMO) new items up in the shop today!

The first is this yellow earwarmer with a flowered accent, this time in a lacy ribbed pattern rather than a basketweave one. I'm thinking of making LOTS more of these because I really like them--hope this one sells online quickly and inspires me further. 

The other item is another curly, ruffled scarf. I don't care if these sell or not, I think they're amazingly cool and will probably make a million more. In this shot the scarf is tucked and wrapped to form a warm ruffly collar, but it's quite long and can also be worn draped like a regular scarf.

To find out more about each item, either click on the pictures or HERE to get to the shop. 

Now I'm off to finish a nifty custom ordered hat...


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