Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Items: Fall Scarves...

So today is the first day that has REALLY felt like autumn to me...I woke up with the urge to crunch through leaves and make gingerbread. Wow.

I guess it's appropriate, then, that today I posted these two scarves in the etsy shop...
 The multi-colored ruffles scarf, which can be found HERE...
And the orange cowl(Can I just say, I LOVE this color?) which can be found HERE... goodness I am making a serious face in that last picture...sorry. 
Anyway, click and buy or appreciate or copy or whatever it is you need to do to keep warm this autumn weekend while you crunch through leaves and eat gingerbread...


  1. they r AWESOME! love the orange one <3

  2. Love your ruffle scarf. Is it a softer yarn? Just curious I may have to save up!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies! Jennifer, yes, it is a softer yarn(I don't like having a scratchy, itchy neck so I doubt anyone else does.) Let me know if you want to order. I can do these in a variety of colors and lengths aside from what you see here.