Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SweetShop Creations at the Cherry Events Craft Fair!

So this is where I say a very sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Cherry Events craft fair this past Sunday, September 11th. I had a great time being there and meeting lots of cool crafters and handmade/vintage shoppers! A lot of ££'s were raised for Oldham Cancer Support and a lot of awareness and education shared, as well...overall, a very worthwhile day for all involved, I think!

The only negative note about the whole day was that I forgot my camera and had to settle for using my phone...thank heaven for smart phones, right? With that said, let the photo recap begin...
Here's our table, all set up. Attending this fair was the brainchild of the lovely Esra of Knitella , and I must say, she put a lot more work into this than I did. My few hats and cowls are on the near end of the table in this photo, whereas the HEAPS of  scarves(and the very cute teddy model) are all Knitella's work.

Speaking of's the lady herself! 

This beaded jewelry is the work of a neighbor of mine named Shirley. Shirley doesn't have a website or blog, but she does make very cute kids jewelry and I occasionally sell some of her things along with mine at craft fairs. 

This display is a combo of Shirley's more sophisticated beadwork and my very own Curly-Wurly earrings. Looks pretty nice, don't you think?
 Another shot of the table. You can't really see the colors as vividly as I would like(darn my forgetfulness), but  basically I'm sticking with a pretty neutral design palette until at least next summer...except for a few exceptionally neon earrings here and there. Lots of earthtones and pastels, as you can see.

Esra hard at work setting everything up...

 I have no idea who this is. No, really. She just grabbed my phone camera and started snapping away, all the while mumbling things about stitches and yarn and stuff...

That would be a boatneck sweater, some more of Shirley's beaded necklaces, the Papergirl Hat, and a neutral ruffled scarf...

This is another neighbor and knitting group friend, Michelle...Michelle is probably one of the most industrious people I know, and managed to set up a stand selling cards, jewelry, and cushions!

Now THIS...was pure, unadulterated torture. No, really. Right across from us, ALL DAY, was the Lily Bud Cupcakes stand. All day, I had to endure staring at a table full of cupcakes with flavors like raspberry white chocolate, double chocolate and toffee apple. I also had to watch happy vintage shoppers buy these cupcakes and wander over to my stall enjoying them, slowly, deliciously...

Eventually I succumbed to the peer pressure, wiped the drool from my chin, and got myself a toffee apple cupcake. Apparently "toffee apple cupcake" is a synonym for "ridiculously delicious". Who knew?

Well, that's enough blurry pictures from me...I suggest you visit the following pages and show them some love...

SweetShop Creations (yes, that's me...if you haven't already been, check out the shop)

Knitella (my partner in all yarn-related crimes and creator of all things cute and colorful)

Lily Bud Cupcakes (because look at that picture up there! Just look at it!)

Sewabee, the online home of Vicky, who masterminded this entire craft fair to fundraise for Oldham Cancer Support...

and Cherry Events, which Vicky is one half of and is the company that organizes wonderful fairs like this one!

Peace y'all!


  1. Love ur post! :D It was awesome! and OMG I wrote on half the ppl's walls "lovely seeing u SAT! :O" talk abt being tired! :p xx

  2. Fantastic! Had a fantastic day with you all...and I wrote the same on everyone's wall too!