Monday, October 10, 2011

I Buy Handmade: ForgetRegretArt

There are a few things that I love; pretty things, getting parcels in the post, and supporting other wonderful artists. I'm happy to say that today, I got to do all three of those things thanks to Demi at ForgetRegret Art.

The contents of my parcel! A card and some cards..

So I first met the lovely Demi, at the Cherry Events Craft fair, which I blogged about HERE. I had a great time meeting lots of local artists and artisans at that fair but what really caught my eye was the ForgetRegretArt stall, with its selection of handmade paper journals, notepads, and blank business cards.

Business cards? I've needed some business cards for some time, but hadn't seen any that I really liked until then. I asked about the blank cards, and was pleasantly surprised when Demi told me that for a small extra fee, she'd hand write the cards for me in calligraphy.

Handmade, distinctive, classy cards written in calligraphy? Consider me sold. I e-trotted over to the ForgetRegretArt etsy shop HERE and placed an order. After about a week, I checked the post this morning and found these waiting for me!

That's my name. Please wear it out.

Aren't they gorgeous! They're exactly what I wanted--simple, clear, and handmade! I absolutely LOVE them and couldn't resist doing a post to show them off. I highly recommend checking out Demi's shop--in addition to business cards, she also does sketchbooks, jewelry, and a wide variety of original art prints as well. 

The best thing about buying handmade goods from the artist directly, though, isn't the quality of the product. (Although it's always excellent!) The best thing is the personal touch that artists often add to their orders when sending them out. Considering how many companies see fit to use large and impersonal communcation methods(call centres, anyone?), there's something really special about doing business with a personal flair.

The most charming part of buying from ForgetRegretArt, then, was finding this in the package with the cards;
Handmade thank you card by ForgetRegretArt!
Nothing to say to that except thank you too, Demi!

To check out ForgetRegretArt(and I really think you should), click HERE. Peace!