Friday, December 3, 2010


Welcome to SweetShop Creations, a blog created in association with my etsy shop, SweetShop Creations!

I started SweetShop Creations to:

1) do something I love
2)design lots of fierce hats
3)give back to the global community by donating part of the proceeds from the shop to Helping Hands International Ministries, which educates, empowers and encourages people in Uganda.
4)raise awareness of the sweat shop mentality and encourage people to think about their spending in terms of people, not just getting a good deal.

I named the shop SweetShop to draw a contrast with sweat shops...many of the clothes we buy and wear are handmade to some degree, but is that person really getting paid what they're worth? And is that sweat shop sustainable?

So, I crochet hats and gloves and scarves with my own two hands. It's not easy work. It is fun. And I pay myself more than 15 cents a day to do it and hope to enable other folks to make a decent amount for the work that they do as well, even if it's only in a very small way. I'll talk more about this in depth later, but that's the basic idea.

I love life, believe in kindness and hope, and trail yarn behind me everywhere I go.

That's about it, really.

To find out more about Helping Hands, visit

To find out more about me, visit

Peace and blessings go with you!

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