Saturday, December 4, 2010

Featured item: Orange Crush ladies cap

 There's no big story behind this pattern, I just wanted to make something that looked like a baseball cap for those bad hair days, but was a lot cuter. I made quite a lot of these last year and became thoroughly sick of making them...but because they sold so well last year, I've brought them back! 

It's such a simple pattern that I can whip up two in a I make them to order, in the color you choose, using Caron Simply Soft yarn and my trusty K hook.

The hat band is elasticized, which is tricky because the brim has a little extra stiffness and bend and I don't want the hat to get too bulky. 

I wish I'd also made that glorious tomato red sweater on the model, but alas. We have thrift stores and a good eye to thank for it's appearance on this blog.

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