Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SweetShop Update; 2013 goals and stuff...

Morning SweetShoppers! (Or afternoon, evening...whatever it is where you are, I wish you a good one.)

Earrings samples! Don't tell anyone, but they're stuck in my sweater for this photo...
So all of those earrings and sample earrings from this post have finally been strung onto stainless steel posts and sewn into shape, wonder of wonders. Miracle of miracles, some of them are even available for sale in my etsy shop HERE.

Yeah, the shop...about that...

So I've been talking up the relaunch of my etsy shop for awhile now, and I genuinely had a brand new concepts and designs and so on thought up. This week was my week to work on it, and I had all kinds of tasks in my queue--a new banner, a new logo, lots of professional standard photos, and so on...

And then yesterday, as I began to redesign things, I thought to myself...


SweetShoppers, I have become a victim of doing too much. I'm doing so much, I think I'm officially doing THREE much at this point. One of the things that has suffered from my constant business is my etsy shop. I just don't have the time to make the stock and do the ever-important promotional work of running this business online properly. What I DO have time for, and what I find myself having a lot of fun doing, is blogging, writing patterns, and giving time and writing space to other crafters. For a long time I've thought of writing a pattern book and thinking through the steps of becoming a craft brand that *isn't* based on the hats that I can personally create, and I think now is the time to begin doing that.

So I think I'm going to.

There will always be some items available in the etsy shop--I love having that platform and the interactions it opens up to me. (The money's nice too, when it comes in. :-)) There will always be a donation made from the proceeds of the site to a charity that supports sustainable economic and educational development.

But that's not going to be my main focus anymore.

There is also the little matter of me moving to South Korea in a little over a month. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around the shipping costs involved there, and I'm not too sure of the legalities involved yet either. Add to that my first full-time English teaching job in...well, EVER and I'm pretty sure that crochet is going to be an extreme hobby for a little while. I have a language to learn, traveling to do and students to meet! recap...sales;not a priority anymore. Patterns, blogging, interviews; a new priority. Me; busy. You; hopefully continuing to visit the blog.

Stay tuned for a pattern post either Friday or Saturday, beautiful people. And, as always, thank you so much for your visits, your comments, and your purchases!


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  1. You're just suffering from being really creative. I truly am starting to believe in crafting ADD/ADHD. And I think I have it. It's when your mind goes from one thing to the next thing to the next. And it's all craft related in some form or fashion, but a person can only do but so much in a given time. Sometimes our bodies shut down, just to make us stop. And in that time, we can rethink our plan of action. I've been doing that a lot lately as well.

    The book sounds super amazing. Check out "Just Be Happy Crochet". She used her Etsy profits to write her own book and made arrangements with a local photographer to have professional photos and such. She sells patterns still, but her book is focused on a certain genre of patterns. Now I think you can either purchase the book of the e-book. Very inspiring!

    Keep it up!