Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Product Swap: Clutch from

SweetShop Creations Cowl, thrifted Lacoste sweater, and the cutest little clutch from Sew Grown

So way back in the annals of time(December to be more exact) I came across the fabulous sewing tutorial blog Sew Grown. The owner, Steffanie, makes these gorgeous handmade clutches and hosted a giveaway around the holidays. You know I was on that like white on rice, right?
In any case, I felt like since I also make things, we should do a swap! So I sent her one of these...
Spring Fling! No, really, that's what it's called...

...and she sent me the gorgeous clutch pictured above. Am I styling with my pastels and spring manicure? Yes I am!
In any case, the idea was, we'd swap, we'd blog about what we swapped, but then she moved to a new house and I moved to a new country and we're both really uh, yeah. Six months later, I am blogging the fabulous clutch. Forgive me Steffanie. Will it help if I tell everybody how much I LOVE this clutch?

No really, I love it. I'm not a clutch woman, I'm more of a big old bag that can carry an iron woman(as seen in my fashion blog). But Steffanie's clutch is just SO cute and pretty and bright...I love it!

It's a bright floral print with a gorgeous royal purple lining to keep all your stuff safe...and it carries quite a bit. I took this with me on a quick jaunt the other day and it easily held my phone, keys, big ol' wallet, lip gloss, and a pack of gum. Couldn't fit my iron in there though, although I was tempted to try. 

It's also got a nifty kiss lock that stays shut and doesn't slip open. Floral print, cute shape, lining, kiss lock(officially my favorite name for a lock)'s like the biggest cutest girliest change purse ever. I love incorporating it into new outfits.

While I'm being a gushy girl, let me show you my favorite part of the fabric...
Yes, ladies and gents! It's a bird! A tiny cute bird flying away from a Barbie guitar into a field of blue...
Anyway, Steffanie's wonderful blog with loads of good sewing and helpful tutorials and cute family and feminine style flourishes can be found HERE. I can't sew at all, but someday when I learn, I will be allllll over this super cute belt tutorial. Go visit Sew Grown!

Do you want to swap a product with SweetShop Creations? Comment below or drop me an e-mail at Peace y'all!

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