Friday, February 11, 2011

New Item: Winter Tam

The derfy look on my face is what happens when I've taken fifteen great pictures and decide to go for one...more...shot...just in case.
S'what I get for being vain.
I don't usually work in stripes. No real reason, I just don't often think of hat designs or any designs featuring stripes. I'm more of a color block girl, I think. But these colors coordinated so beautifully and unexpectedly, I thought I'd do a warm winter version of the rasta tam. 

The yarn is a beautiful wool/alpaca/silk blend that is fuzzy and gorgeous and soft.

The hatband is elasticized and the hatband folds up and around in all sorts of fun bendy ways.
That facial expression...look, you've seen other pics of me. All I can do is say my eyes are usually the same size, and I do, in fact, have a chin. Focus on the hat, people. The hat. It will make you look gorgeous, even if you're making a derfy face.

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